Right Now Media


Sunday - 9:15AM Sunday School - 10:30AM Worship Service

Right Now Media

Grace Baptist Church exists to empower people to take the NEXT STEP in their relationship with God. Along those lines we have partnered with Right Now Media which gives you streaming access for free to over 20,000 discipleship videos for kids, students and adults to help you take that NEXT STEP in your relationship with God.

Right Now Media - Ways to Sign Up

1.Text – The first option is to simply text RIGHTNOW GBCLIMA to 41411 from your smart phone. Moments later, you will receive a link that

you can follow to set up your account. (Please note that there is a space between RIGHTNOW and GBCLIMA.)

2.Universal Link - In addition to text, you can click on the following link to set up your account immediately.

Our ink is: www.rightnowmedia.org/Account/Invite/gbclima

3.QR Code – Finally, you will also be able to sign up via QR Code. Anyone with a smartphone with a reader app will be able to sign up

for an account by opening your phone to the camera and hovering over the code. The phone will then automatically take you to the website to activate your account.

Our QR Code: